YfTether — Towards the utopian future of DeFi

DeFi — Regaining Control Over Your Finances

The market of decentralized finance has proven its use case by producing staggering growth over the last few months. These services have the potential to soon become the next crucial application for blockchain users looking into decentralization of traditional banking functions such as saving, borrowing and lending.

Understanding YFTether Finance

YFTE has numerous benefits which make it an interesting DeFi protocol. Let’s look into some of those:

Staking tokens

Our protocol enables users to stake YFTE to collect a bountiful return on investment (ROI) of either 0.2% daily or 6 % monthly or 72% annually on their total stake amount. It might seem like other yield farming pools offer a slightly more APR return, nonetheless, these rewards are introductory and are generally declined over time. This happens due to a surge in token circulation from minting (resulting in a degradation of existing tokens).

Fixed fees:

  1. Stake entry fee: 1.5% (used for YFTE buyback and burn)
  2. Un-stake fee: 0.5% (used for YFTE buyback and burn)
  3. Minimum stake lock: 72 hours

Easily accessible

The structure of YFTE protocol enables various staking options and pools to be offered over a long duration. The user experience is intuitive and pleasant as there’s a straightforward user interface (presented with detailed instructions).

YFTE veridical protocol

As one of the few trusted DeFi protocols, YFTE deposits tokens in 100% audited and time-locked smart contracts. This enables the elimination of all possible exploitation of the tokens. The tokens of the developers are also locked for a year which ensures the investor that no exit scam can take place.

Inbuilt governance structure

YFTE platform encourages a thriving community and prosperous ecosystem for all its users. In order to achieve its goals, a distinctive on-chain voting mechanism will be introduced into the platform to enable flexible voting parameters. This model is novel and permits for cost-free voting.

Reliable security

The main priority of YFTE protocol is project security. We will be getting a few audits done in the coming weeks.

Secure rewards by farming

Farming is a method to produce rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. This is one of the paramount attributes which is responsible for accelerating the roar of the DeFi ecosystem. Farming via YFTE enables the users to secure rewards by supplying liquidity to various pools which are soon to be released.

Lend to avail benefits

YFTE supports the community of borrowers and depositors. While depositors generate a passive income by offering liquidity, the borrowers access collateralized loans. The first step is to simply deposit the desired amount or asset, and start earning some passive income depending on the requirements of the borrowing market.

Token buyback and burn

The staking fee of 1.5% and the un-staking fee of 0.5% are used to buyback and burn YFTE tokens.

Minimum market cap

DeFi is one of the key features in establishing a decentralized future. It is important for any DeFi follower to find legitimate projects in order to maximise their profit potential at an early stage. Considering the level of security and proficiency of easy accessibility, YFTE Finance is set to become one of the most useful platform in the DeFi space.

Low token supply

YFTE will become one of the most commercial coins to invest in and hold. Initially, there’s a circulating supply of mere 6,700 tokens( 3,300 tokens will be added with 200 Ethereum as Initial Uniswap Liquidity) . This amount varies depending on the number of deposited or removed tokens in regards to the staking contract. The supply of tokens continues to reduce with time as YFTE fosters a deflationary design.


  • Total tokens supply: 21,000
  • Supply in circulation: 6,700
  • Uniswap Liquidity: 3,300
  • Staking and DAO: 7,200 Locked under smart contract.
  • Farming Rewards: 1600
  • Marketing budget: 1000
  • Team : 1000 Locked with Team Finance for 6 Months
  • Community Rewards: 200

Summing up

“Explore, Experience, Then Push Beyond.” ― Aaron Lauritsen

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FTether is the brand new token that is created to help advance the rebuilding of the banking system in an open and transparent manner.